Sims Freeplay Cheats List [Unlimited Money]

Sims Freeplay is a popular strategic life simulator that supports Sims Freeplay Cheats which players can enjoy without spending a single penny.

You start in a virtual city and build your dream house by customizing it according to your taste.

Take the driving seat of your virtual avatar and control its movements. There is a total of fifty-five levels in the game, and you can earn experience points to reach the maximum level and unlock better items to customize the avatar.

If you have some money, you can buy an item from the store to become a VIP and remove the limit on how many sims you can have in the town at a time or use Sims Freeplay cheats codes to do the same.

More sims mean you have better chances of socializing with them. The game features six life stages, starting from an infant and ending at a senior.

As you progress through these life stages, you can do better things, including hobbies, travel, cooking, reading, and start a family, etc.

Get married in sims Freeplay and start your family. To spend your time in a better way, get a pet in the game from the available choices of birds and other animals.

No matter when you start, you will have to go through these stages, which is a great chance to explore new things while progressing.

The number of houses you can build in sims Freeplay depends on your current character level.

You can buy items with sims Freeplay cheats from the catalog to change the interior as well as the exterior of your house.

Move items in your house to clear some space for new items. To get your hands on these special items, you need to complete some quests as well as they are available on sale during some special events in the game.

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Sims Freeplay Cheats List

There are different types of cheats you get unlimited money and more in Sims Freeplay. Simply follow the below method to gain money, diamonds, and more.

All the cheats are 100% working we find all of them on different social media pages where Sims Freeplay developers provide it.

let’s enjoy the Sims Freeplay cheats!!!!

Unlimited Money Cheats

There are two methods to gain money in Sims Freeplay. Sometimes the first method doesn’t work so you can try method 2.

Method 1

  • Open the game on your devices and find the children’s store
  • There you can choose the Toddler option
  • Next, discover the sandips and the swings.
  • Ather the discover, click on the stacks button.
  • Follow all the processes and come back to your Smis House.
  • I hope you can get the money.

Method 2

  • Firstly, Visit the children’s store in the game.
  • Find the pre-teen section and discover the karate mat and the recorded player.
  • Find the stack button and press it.
  • Follow all the processes and come back to your Smis House.
  • I hope you can get the money.

And this is how you can get unlimited money in sims freeplay by using cheats codes.

Get Simoleons Faster Cheats

Simoleons are in-game currencies. If you want to buy anything in the game you need to Simoleons. Also, Simoleons help to update levels fast but so many gamers can’t afford it. Because of this, you can buy Simoleons with your real money.

Method 1

  • Firstly, Find the bot party in the game and log in.
  • After the logged-in bot, get out of the boat and back in to receive the NBRs.
  • Then find the house or an empty lot.
  • Next, Go to the in-game item purchase store and select the NBR picture.
  • There you can buy and sell products. So, You can buy NBR.
  • All the buying products are placed on your property/empty lot.
  • Then you can design the beautiful property. Also, you can check different types of property designs on the internet.
  • After the design property, you can sell them at a higher price.

If you have any problems selling your property, please let me know in the comment section. We provide a solution as soon as possible.

Sims Freeplay Time Manipulate Cheats

We provide two types of methods to change time and play games longer.

Method 1

  • Open the game on your devices (The process are same for all the devices like Android, iOS, and computers).
  • Start different tasks like gardening, cooking and etc. Then save the game and exit.
  • Disconnect the Internet with the devices on which you play the game.
  • Change the time in your devices which time completed your time. For example, the in-game cooking time is 4 hours, so add the 4 hours to the current time.
  • Then Start the game (Note: Your internet must be on)
  • Finally, Go on to the task section. There you can see your task was completed.

Method 2

  • Open the setting button on your devices and change the automatic date and time.
  • Next, open the game on your devices and lunch any task like cooking, gardening, and more.
  • The exit game. Make sure your game is saved.
  • Then go to the settings section or find the time & date. Next, Change automatic time to advance time.
  • Restart the game and show the task. Your task was completed.

And this is how you use cheats code in this sims freeplay game for free.

Moving Sims For Cheap Cheats

If you want to move in sims, then you need 5000 of precious money for moving in 4 sims. The cheats codes help to move in sims chip price.

  • Firstly, you need to get the Relationship status to parter of 2 sims. If you are moving already then don’t worry.
  • Then go to the house of other sims, and sell all rooms, garden and etc.
  • After that, Destroy the house.
  • Following the above process, you are able to add a new sim to a house for a chip price.

How to use Sims FreePlay cheats?

There is a separate cheat console in Sims Freeplay that you can use to activate all the cheats. You can access the cheat console using the “CTRL+SHIFT+C” keys from the keyboard all at the same time on Windows and Mac operating systems.

The cheat console is basically a box where you can enter sims Freeplay cheats and hit the enter key to enable them in the game.

Once you open the cheat console, there is no limit to how many cheats you enter on the go, but you need to hit enter after each key to clear the box, or it will be an error message.

While activating cheats in bulk amounts is allowed, pro players advise you to enter a few cheats simultaneously because these cheats can sometimes crash the game.

To close the cheat console, press the same combination of keys and enjoy the game while all those cheats are enabled.

FAQs About Sims Freeplay Cheats

Now check out following question and answers to find out quick solutions on these cheat codes list.

How do you get more money on Sims FreePlay Cheats?

Here I share some cheats which help you to get unlimited money in this game. So you can use it in this game.

Can you get caught cheating on Sims FreePlay?

If we talk about game character then yes ghost can catch you cheating. But using cheats code is fine if you want to make this game more intresting.

Is Sims FreePlay ok for 12 year olds?

Yes if your age is more than 11 years it’s fine. But play game in modration spceilly when you are in teens.

Which is better Sims FreePlay vs mobile?

Both games are good. Depends on you on which device you like to play. If you like big screen go and play on the PC.


Without these Sims Freeplay Cheats codes, you won’t be making that much progress in the game. These cheats enable your characters to do a lot of cool stuff as well as provide you with new things.

These cheats won’t expire after some time, so you can still use them, but there can be a glitch in the cheat system of the game, which shows that the cheat system is not working.

If this happens, just try again with some different cheats to check whether the problem is with the system or cheats. You can try all these cheats and try your luck with them as well as search for new cheats on the website.

If you don’t want to spend hours on the internet searching for these codes, follow the official social media accounts of the developers of the game as they post new cheats codes of Sims Freeplay there from time to time.

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