SimCity BuildIt Cheats [Android, iPhone Codes]

Here is the list of updated SimCity BuildIt Cheats that help you unlock more money, resources, and other in-game items. SimCity BuildIt is an innovative mobile game comprising various tasks to fulfill.

This game includes city creation of your own choice. You have to completely make a city and design it from top to bottom according to your will.

There are numerous places and buildings which you can buy and place anywhere to make a city. Then you can connect it by road and you can use some cheats in SimCity BuildIt to make it faster.

After great planning of the creation of a city, you can use various bridges to connect the buildings. You can also build other needs of the general public apart from the buildings.

You can create parks, malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. All the things required to make an incredible city can be fulfilled by the users in this SimCity BuildIt game.

In this SimCity BuildIt game first step is to create your city with all the necessities and without using any cheats. Then you have to bring life to your city. It will be done by building, various bridges, roads, grounds, restaurants, hotels, etc.

We have to place all of them in a strategic new. The players also have to keep the moving traffic in their city. There should also be streetcars passing through the streets and other avenues.

Then try to make your city according to some famous landmarks. So it will be easy for you to unlock various neighboring landmarks. You can also decorate and customize your city with forests, rivers, glaciers, lakes, mountains, etc.

This city should be created in a well architectural manner in SimCity BuildIt preferably without cheats but you can use it if you want. Your city must look unique. The next step is to defend and save your city from the opponent city’s attack or any monsters.

You can also do war and battles with other cities or other clubs in the game. In this way, it will be easy to earn rewards. These rewards can help increase the value and improve your city. Lastly, you have to connect with Mayor’s club.

This will help you in trading, importing, and export of various products. So built a unique and big city, work unitedly and see the prosperity in your city.

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SimCity BuildIt Cheats 2022

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
ALT+WIt will help to add $100,000 to City Budget in SimCity
ALT+CIt will help Toggle Crime On & Off
ALT+AIt will help Toggle Air Population On & Off
ALT+HIt will help Toggle Homeless Sims On & Off
ALT+GIt will help Toggle Garbage On & Off
ALT+UIt will help Toggle Futurization in the game
Ctrl + Alt + WIt will help to get $5000 profit in SimCity
ALT+NIt will help Toggle infinite ControlNet
Lshift+Ctrl+CIt will help to open Debug Menu
ALT+SIt will help Toggle Sewage On & Off
ALT+PIt will help Toggle Ground Pollution On & Off
ALT+MIt will help Toggle Health Issues On & Off
ALT+FIt will help Toggle Fire On & Off

How To Use SimCity BuildIt Cheats?

If you want to increase your money in this SimCity BuildIt game, then SimCity BuildIt cheats are the best way to consider.

In this way, you can easily add extra funds to your city. You can apply different cheats which will help you in playing a more successful game.

These cheats are also helpful in creating earthquakes in the city or other big effects that can be useful for you. By using these SimCity BuildIt cheats you will never lack money.

There is no complete procedure for using the cheats code in the SimCity BuildIt game.

  • It just requires a mobile phone in which when you open the game and drag your phone you will receive a pop-up notification.
  • There will be a box that will indicate “Enter Cheats Code”.
  • Here you have to enter your SimCity BuildIt cheats code for increasing your revenue and building a more sustainable game.

FAQs About SimCity BuildIt Cheats

How do I get more SimCash in SimCity Buildit?

There are a few ways you can try to get more SimCash like completing all rewards achievements and playing club challenges in the game.

Are there any real SimCity Buildit cheats?

There are some cheats available for this game and here we share them all. But there is a process to enter it and you have to follow it to use these cheats.

What is the max level in SimCity Buildit?

Technically level 100 is the highest level in this game but it will take really long time to achieve that. So we can say level 99 is also considered the highest level if you are playing without cheats.

How do you cheat SimCity Buildit for money?

There are no specific cheats available in SimCity Buildit to get free money. You have to play and win the game to do the same.


SimCity BuildIt game requires building a great city. The city should comprise all the necessities including parks, hotels, restaurants schools, shops, etc.

By using the SimCity BuildIt Cheats, you will be able to increase your funds. These points will be added to your household funds and will help in creating a more beautiful and luxurious city.

These cheats will help you increase the visual appeal of your city. Hence, this SimCity BuildIt game has high-quality graphics and very exciting gameplay. Check out our SimCity BuildIt cheats to increase the cash while playing this game.

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