Royal Match Cheats 2022 [Game Cheat Codes]

Claim unlimited coins using our Royal Match Cheats, guide, tips, and tricks that make your game more interesting and help you progress.

In 2020, Zynga acquired Peak, which resulted in Dream Games Ltd developing Royal Match. A company called Dream Games Ltd. previously developed the popular puzzle arcade game Toon Blast.

Although both games have different main menu tabs, they both share some elements. There are also some players who find Royal Match difficult, leading them to seek Royal Match Cheats, Tips, and Tricks.

If you have played puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Royal Match should be familiar to you. Taking the classic match-3 approach to puzzle platformers, Royal Match brings you a classical experience.

During this game, players are required to restore the former glory of King Robert’s palace. To do so, you must complete match-3 levels to earn stars and coins, you can also apply some cheats and tricks to earn more coins.

Those who are new to match 3 games like Royal Match may not know how they work, so let’s explain what they are.

In this game, you need to match at least three tiles of the same shape or color in order to win. Each level of Royal Match has a limited number of moves as part of our cheats guide. Therefore, you must complete the level before your moves run out.

A unique mission is also assigned to each board. To begin with, you’ll need to match three tiles of the same color or shape. Nevertheless, each stage will become more complicated as you progress through the game.

There are many aspects to these. As a result, you need to be as fast as possible when completing each board. Here are some cheats, tips, and tricks to help you complete each level of Royal Match.

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Royal Match Cheats, Guide Tips, and Tricks

This casual puzzle game still requires logical thinking, even though it is a casual game. A random match of three tiles should never be made just for the sake of matching something.

Don’t make a move without thinking twice. You should pay close attention to the board to ensure that you are matching purposefully and not wasting precious moves.

The game will suggest a move if you get stuck after a few seconds. This suggestion may not be helpful to you, so ignore it Royal Match Cheats.

Replay Levels Frequently

It is one of the most common cheats or tips in any game. Try replaying aboard a second time using a different approach if you can’t finish it. Whenever you replay a level, the layout of the board will be different.

It depends on luck, however, whether this layout works for you. When replaying boards, be careful as you cannot exit a level once you start it – this is one of the coolest Royal Match cheats.

The Royal Match puzzle game is similar to other match-3 games because it has a number of boosters. Most of the time, you’ll get one if you match at least four tiles on the board. Make sure you watch out for the following boosters to make your missions easier:

TNT-Make a T- or L-shaped match to obtain this explosive barrel, which destroys all the tiles in a 3×3 radius.

Light Ball – Match 5 tiles horizontally or vertically to make a Light Ball, and it will destroy all tiles of the same color on the board. And also no need to use Royal Match Cheats.

Propeller – You get a Propeller by matching four tiles that are huddled together to form a square, and then it takes off and blows up a tile in the level’s quest.

Rocket – By matching four tiles in a line, you can make a Rocket that clears an entire row or column of tiles.

FAQs About Royal Match Cheats

How do you beat the Royal Match?

There are a few tips that you can follow to improve your winning chance in this game. And here I cover it in detail.

How to use Royal Match Cheats?

As of now, there are not any cheats available in this game. So there is no method to add and use cheat codes in the game.

How do you get stars in Royal Match?

To get stars in this game you have to win as many as matches possible. And for that, you can follow the tips and tricks I shared here.

Are there cheats available for Royal Match?

Nope, there are not any cheats available in this game. But yes you can follow certain guides to improve your performance.


I hope you enjoy our Royal Match Cheats, tips, and tricks list that is created for all types of Royal Match players. It is a fun puzzle game you’ll enjoy playing in your spare time.

However, this doesn’t mean this game is without challenges. Our list of cheats has been compiled for your convenience so you can win in the future.

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