Project Makeover Cheats [Android + iOS Codes]

Check out our updated list of Project Makeover Cheats that make your game more interesting and unlock more resources and items.

Project Makeover is an exciting game mostly played by girls around the world. In this game, the players have to do a makeover of other characters with fashionable accessories.

You have to choose the fashion outfits, amazing hairstyles, and beautiful makeup for your characters. The game also includes playing fashion puzzles for giving a perfect look to your clients.

These Project Makeover Cheats are easy to use and are accessible by all users. They can easily be used on Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

The outfit and makeup are not the main tasks, you have to complete some mini-games to earn XPS that help you unlock new accessories and items. There is also an option to apply some cheats and codes to unlock new items.

After progress, the game allows you to decorate and customize your home and furniture. A complete home transformation is included in this game.

Project Makeover cheats are a way of getting free gems. Through this will be able to unlock more items for customization. This will help to win every level and gain a strong profile in the game.

So make a glamorous home and prepare a great style of furniture. It includes giving makeovers and receiving rewards in return.

You have to give a perfect look to your character’s house and the client itself. Customize and decorate the house and rooms with personalized things.

The Project Makeover Cheats is the modification and hacks that are used to increase your position in the game. They help in gaining more cash, gems, lives, and upgrading the levels.

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Project Makeover Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
q873l8iAoIt will help to get one more lifeline “heart”.
GtblrOgm0It will help to get a daily pack.
A9zVgzRUCIt will help to get a booster pack.
B87G8ufkfIt will help to get free Gems.
ZQN7s1QtQIt will help to get daily gifts up to 10 times.
jwVseE8UhIt will help to secret combinations in the game.
eSTmobj0oIt will help to get premium furniture.
oxnvISuABIt will help to get a weekly gift box.
nRfSHHjGuIt will help to get free cash.
mrCFqhPa3It will help to get an exclusive wardrobe.
r8OFS9d8BIt will help to get Cash.
J8BKbhFrlIt will help to level up.
tI3CW84QYIt will help to get a free monthly gift card.
hVhLXax6BIt will help update your in-game items.
pC3akfHFHIt will help to increase your game speed x10.
HhUNgG3PzIt will help to get free coins.
mG3h9YmblIt will help ads off in the game.
VTwzWpM8WIt will help to get premium items.
JlbMdSk7bIt will help to get the award-winning package.
TdKV6iZPLIt will help to power up.

How to Use Project Makeover Cheats?

The process of using the Project Makeover cheats codes is very simple. It will help you in increasing free gems and coins in your game. This will be helpful to upgrade your collection.

  • First, the users have to open the Project Makeover application and enter their game username.
  • Then you have to enter the number of gems you need for adding to your account.
  • The next step is to complete the human verification.
  • After this, click on the submit button.
  • Then all the requested accessories and resources will be redeemed to your account.
  • Then you can easily purchase them and use them in the game for upgrading your level.
  • Lastly, you have to refresh the game site and you will be awarded free gems and coins.

By using these Project Makeover Cheats codes, you will be able to receive unlimited coins, unlimited gems, high-quality furniture, premium room, amazing wardrobes, various power-ups, and no ads feature. These are very easy to use in the game.

FAQs About Project Makeover Cheats

How do you always win a Project Makeover?

There are some cheats, tips, and tricks available for this game that you can use to improve your win changes every time.

Are cheats available for Project Makeover?

Yes, there are some cheats available for this game which helps you to get many rewards for free.

Is Project Makeover free?

Yes, this game is available for free and you don’t have to pay anything to play this game. But to unlock some features and for ads free version you have to buy the premium version.

How to use Cheats in Project Makeover?

To do that there is a whole process of doing it. And here in this article, I covered the complete process and check that out.


Project Makeover is a one-hand control game. You can easily redeem many resources by applying our Cheats codes. These Project Makeover Cheats are available in the MOD version of this game.

These cheats help in playing a more sustainable game and winning every level. Your game store will be filled with many premium things after using these cheats.

Give an upgrade makeover to your clients and customize their homes using different accessories and premium resources from your store. All these cheats are safe for use in the game.

The Project Makeover cheats can easily be redeemed. So the users can upgrade their game through these beneficial cheats.

You have to completely focus on the game because cheats require a more proactive game with full concentration. There are numerous cheat codes to opt for a good and stable position in the Project Makeover game.

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