Pokemon Crystal Cheats [GameShark Codes]

Want Unlimited Cash, Poke Balls, and other in-game items? Here is the list of Pokemon Crystal Cheats and Gameshark codes that help you easily progress.

Pokemon crystal is the final game in the series of gold and silver games that supports cheats. The story starts with you meeting Professor Elm in his lab, where he provides you with a pokemon to start your adventure.

You will be attacked many times by Pokemon trainers and gym leaders on your adventure, and you need to catch better Pokemon and train them to increase their stats for fights.

Your biggest rival in the course of your adventure will be a Pokemon trainer who broke into the lab of Professor Elm and stole a pokemon.

In the end, you will have to battle the trainer with some high-level pokemon and defeat him to end his reign of darkness on the world.

The game features two-level sixty Pokemon that you can catch by going to Kanto after finishing the game. You also need to catch a few other Pokemon before finally catching these two, you can do it with cheats also in Pokemon Crystal.

Unown has left a secret message for those who complete puzzles in the Ruins of Alph. The secret message contains details about Unownalong with how Ruins of Alph were actually constructed.

After your adventure starts, you will receive calls from various trainers who will help you with pokemon related tasks such as training and grooming, etc.

If you are lucky, you may get a call with the location of some rare pokemon or an item that you can’t get otherwise.

Tune in to a radio station to get the password and use these passwords to get points that can be redeemed for prizes. Kurt, who is the official ball maker in Pokemon crystal, can now make several balls at a time.

The best thing about Pokemon crystal is that you can activate cheats to get free items or deal with any situation for in-game currency and Pokemon.

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Pokemon Crystal Cheats

If you are using multiple cheats codes at a time then maybe cheats are doesn’t work and your game is crashing at any time. So, Make sure you can use only one cheat code at a time.

Walk through walls

  • 010AA3CE
  • 010AA4CE
  • 010AA5CE
  • 010AA6CE
  • 9100FAC2
  • 9100FBC2
  • 9100FCC2
  • 9100FDC2

Max Money

  • 010AA3CE
  • 010AA4CE
  • 010AA5CE
  • 010AA6CE
  • 9100FAC2
  • 9100FBC2
  • 9100FCC2
  • 9100FDC2

Those cheats help to get unlimited money in the game.

Pokemon Crystal Have All Badges Cheats

  • 01FF7CD5
  • 01FF7DD5
  • 91FF57D8
  • 91FF58D8

It will help to get all pokemon badges.

Transform A Normal Pokemon To a Shiny

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
1st Pokemon
2nd Pokemon
3rd Pokemon
4th Pokemon
5th Pokemon
6th Pokemon

Infinite EXP

  • 014432DA
  • 014433DA
  • 014434DA
  • 9144E7DC
  • 9144E8DC
  • 9144E9DC

Those cheats help Max Level Up After Winning A Battle.

Hatch an egg instantly

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
010145DA 9101FADC1st Egg
010175DA 91012ADD2nd Egg
0101A5DA 91015ADD3rd Egg
0101D5DA 91018ADD4th Egg
010105DB 9101BADD5th Egg
010135DB 9101EADD6th Egg

Pokemon Crystal Master Ball Cheats

Cheats Codes Slot List
0101B8D5 910193D8Slot 1
0101B8D5 910193D8Slot 2
0101BCD5 910197D8Slot 3
0101BED5 910199D8Slot 4
0101C0D5 91019BD8Slot 5
0101C2D5 91019DD8Slot 6
0101C4D5 91019FD8Slot 7
0101C6D5 9101A1D8Slot 8
0101C8D5 9101A3D8Slot 9
0101CAD5 9101A5D8Slot 10
0101CCD5 9101A7D8Slot 11
0101CED5 9101A9D8Slot 12
0101D0D5 9101ABD8Slot 13
0101D2D5 9101ADD8Slot 14
0101D4D5 9101AFD8Slot 15
0101D6D5 9101B1D8Slot 16
0101D8D5 9101B3D8Slot 17

Poke Balls

Cheats CodesSlot List
01YYB8D5 91YY93D8Slot 1
01YYBAD5 91YY95D8Slot 2
01YYBCD5 91YY97D8Slot 3
01YYBED5 91YY99D8Slot 4
01YYC0D5 91YY9BD8Slot 5
01YYC2D5 91YY9DD8Slot 6
01YYC4D5 91YY9FD8Slot 7
01YYC6D5 91YYA1D8Slot 8
01YYC8D5 91YYA3D8Slot 9
01YYCAD5 91YYA5D8Slot 10
01YYCCD5 91YYA7D8Slot 11
01YYCED5 91YYA9D8Slot 12
01YYD0D5 91YYABD8Slot 13
01YYD2D5 91YYADD8Slot 14
01YYD4D5 91YYAFD8Slot 15
01YYD6D5 91YYB1D8Slot 16
01YYD8D5 91YYB3D8Slot 17

If you want to get Poke Balls, then change “Poke Ball Codes” with “YY” and then use Pokemon Crystal cheats.

Poke Ball CodesBall List


Cheats CodesHow to Help You
01637ED5 916359D8TM 01
01637FD5 91635AD8TM 02
016380D5 91635BD8TM 03
016381D5 91635CD8TM 04
016382D5 91635DD8TM 05
016383D5 91635ED8TM 06
016384D5 91635FD8TM 07
016385D5 916360D8TM 08
016386D5 916361D8TM 09
016387D5 916362D8TM 10
016388D5 916363D8TM 11
016389D5 916364D8TM 12
01638AD5 916365D8TM 13
01638BD5 916366D8TM 14
01638CD5 916367D8TM 15
01638DD5 916368D8TM 16
01638ED5 916369D8TM 17
01638FD5 91636AD8TM 18
016390D5 91636BD8TM 19
016391D5 91636CD8TM 20
0101B0D5 91018BD8HM 01
0101B1D5 91018CD8HM 02
0101B2D5 91018DD8HM 03
0101B3D5 91018ED8HM 04
0101B4D5 91018FD8HM 05
0101B5D5 910190D8HM 06
0101B6D5 910191D8HM 07

TM/HM Pokemart Item Modifier

01xxF1D0 (Change the below code with XX)

Cheats CodesItems List
BF TM01DynamicPunch
C0 TM02Headbutt
C1 TM03Curse
C2 TM04Rollout
C4 TM05Roar
C5 TM06Toxic
C6 TM07Zap Cannon
C7 TM08Rock Smash
C8 TM09Psych Up
C9 TM10Hidden Power
CA TM11Sunny Day
CB TM12Sweet Scent
CC TM13Snore
CD TM14Blizzard
CE TM15Hyper Beam
CF TM16Icy Wind
D0 TM17Protect

Pokemon Crystal Stats, HP & PP Modifier Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
010350DA 910305DDMax Attack Modifier (Larger) 1st
010352DA 910307DDMax Defense Modifier (Larger) 1st
010354DA 910309DDMax Speed (Larger) 1st
010356DA 91030BDDMax Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 1st
010358DA 91030DDDMax Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 1st
010380DA 910335DDMax Attack Modifier (Larger) 2nd
010382DA 910337DDMax Defense Modifier (Larger) 2nd
010384DA 910339DDMax Speed (Larger) 2nd
010386DA 91033BDDMax Special Attack Modifier (Larger) 2nd
010388DA 91033DDDMax Special Defense Modifier (Larger) 2nd
0103B2DA 910367DDMax Defense Modifier (Larger) 3rd
0103E0DA 910395DDMax Attack Modifier (Larger) 4th

Enemy Pokemon Status Modifier

91xx14D2 (Change the below codes with XX, which modifier you want).

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
01SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 1st turn).
02SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 2nd turn).
03SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 3rd turn).
04SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 4th turn).
05SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 5th turn).
06SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 6th turn).
07SLP (The Pokemon will wake up in the 7th turn).
08PSN (The poison will wear off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
0fPSN + SLP(wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
10BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
17BRN + SLP (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
20FRZ (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
30FRZ + BRN (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)
40PAR (wears off when you turn off the GameShark switch)

Always Use Bike

  • 010182D6 91015DD9

Pokemon Crystal Max Pokeball Cheats

Cheats CodesSlot List
0163FED5 9163D9D8Slot 1
016300D6 9163DBD8Slot 2
016302D6 9163DDD8Slot 3
016304D6 9163DFD8Slot 4
016306D6 9163E1D8Slot 5
016308D6 9163E3D8Slot 6
01630AD6 9163E5D8Slot 7
01630CD6 9163E7D8Slot 8
01630ED6 9163E9D8Slot 9
016310D6 9163EBD8Slot 10
016312D6 9163EDD8Slot 11
016314D6 9163EFD8Slot 12

Shiny Pokemon

  • 910730D2

These cheats will help to run away during a battle in Pokemon Crystal.

Steal Trainer’s Pokemon

  • 91012DD2

Pokemon Gender Modifier

Cheats CodesGender
010419D1 910430D2Female
010519D1 910530D2Male

Those cheats codes help to change your pokemon gender to Male or Female.

Happiness Modifier

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
01xx45DA 91xxFADC1st
01xx75DA 91xx2ADD2nd
01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD3rd
01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD4th
01xx05DB 91xxBADD5th
01xx35DB 91xxEADD6th

Replace the below codes with “XX”.

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
00(0) Means your Pokemon hates you (sets Frustration’s base at 102.)
46(70) This Is where you start after catching or trading.
DA(218) Is the requirement for happiness evolution.
FF(255) Is the maximum. (This will set Return’s base damage to 102.)

Pokemon Crystal Rare Candies Cheats

Cheats CodesSlot List
0120B8D5 912093D8Slot 1
0120BAD5 912095D8Slot 2
0120BCD5 912097D8Slot 3
0120BED5 912099D8Slot 4
0120C0D5 91209BD8Slot 5
0120C2D5 91209DD8Slot 6
0120C4D5 91209FD8Slot 7
0120C6D5 9120A1D8Slot 8
0120C8D5 9120A3D8Slot 9
0120CAD5 9120A5D8Slot 10
0120CCD5 9120A7D8Slot 11
0120CED5 9120A9D8Slot 12
0120D0D5 9120ABD8Slot 13
0120D2D5 9120ADD8Slot 14
0120D4D5 9120AFD8Slot 15
0120D6D5 9120B1D8Slot 16
0120D8D5 9120B3D8Slot 17

Those cheat codes help to unlimited rare candies in Pokemon Crystal.

How to use Pokemon Crystal Cheats?

If you are enjoying pokemon crystal cheats on your GameBoy Color device and want to enter cheats to enjoy the game like never before, you need a GameShark Device, which you will connect with the console.

The GameShark device provides players with a separate cheat menu so they can enter as many cheats as they want.

My Boy emulator is easier to play with as it features a cheat menu in the default version and allows you to enter pokemon crystal cheats.

To avoid corrupting or crashing the game, enter a maximum of two cheats at a time and save the game before entering more cheats.

If everything goes according to the game, play the game for some time and test the cheats to their extent before saving your progress.

FAQs About Pokemon Crystal Cheats

What are the cheats of Rare Candy in Pokemon Crystal?

In this game cheat for rare candy is 0120B8D5 912093D8, 0120BAD5 912095D8, 0120BCD5 912097D8 and many more. Check out the article for more details.

How do you get unlimited coins in Pokemon Crystal?

There are few cheats available in this game to get free coins. And here in the article, we have shared all of them.

How do you use cheats on Pokemon Crystal?

The method used in cheat codes in this game is also the same as in other pokemon games. And it also depends

What is special about Pokémon Crystal?

In this game, you will find small animations. And yes this was the first playable game on Game Boy Color.


Here in this article, we have shared the complete list of Pokemon Crystal Cheats and GameShark Codes. And also cover how to use these cheats in this game.

Now if you have any more cheats for this game let me know in the comment box. I will update them here in this article.

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