MX Unleashed Cheats [Xbox One + PS2 Codes]

Here is the list of updated MX Unleashed Cheats that help you unlock premium tracks, bikes, and much more.

THQ published MX Unleashed for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and mobile devices in 2004. Rainbow Studios developed it. Xbox One backward compatibility was also added on April 26, 2018.

A free version was available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in August 2020. A variety of obstructions in the course and artificially intelligent opponents can be weaved around by using intelligent controls.

There are many MX Unleashed cheats and tricks to be done, and the rules are responsive enough to allow the player to land as many tricks as possible after a jump.

The player can also unlock some bikes and tracks by using our cheats. During the game, a player can boost the bike rider up a hill by pushing back on the shocks at its bottom and releasing them at its top to create a springboard-like effect and reach heights they wouldn’t otherwise be able to attain.

The player’s speed, bike angle, and rider posture influence how the bike reacts to the ground. Players’ career mode unlocks new races if they finish in the top three, and they can try as many times as they like to make the podium.

There is also an option to unlock new races by using MX Unleashed cheats that make the game more interesting. There is a significant difference between the freestyle mode and the regular mode.

The freestyle maps are unlocked by completing challenges and moving on to the next. There are some challenges that the player must complete, including landing on targets after jumping, performing a timed freestyle, racing another vehicle, and hitting ten targets after jumping before the other seven competitors.

A challenge that is successfully completed will unlock a more challenging version, as well as a variety of different challenges. Check out MX Unleashed cheats list that makes your game more enjoyable.

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MX Unleashed Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
BIGDOGSIt will help to get a 500cc Bikes
WRECKINGBALLIt will help to get Bowling
BUSTBIGIt will help to active Freestyle Tracks
ECONATIONIt will help to active National Tracks
STUPERCROSSIt will help to active Supercross Tracks
OBTGOFASTIt will help active Expert AI
MINIGAMESIt will help to Unlock All Machines

Note: You can use one cheat code at a time. If you are using multiple cheats at a time then it’s not working. Also, If you have any problems related to MX Unleashed cheats please let me know in a comment.

How to use MX Unleashed Cheats?

Enter a code by pressing the Circle button on the Cheats screen. A code on the game’s keyboard will appear and be entered into the Cheats window. The letter “O” is sometimes used to represent the code.

You can locate cheats by using the Select button in the Options menu. The circle button is sometimes referred to as the letter “O” in some guides. The Start button can also be used to enter cheat codes if you are unable to see the keyboard.

Cheats can be used in MX Unleashed to modify the game’s settings. A cheat code can be found at the top of the Options screen. These codes are generated by using the game’s code name as a guide.

The cheats in MX Unleashed are essential to completing every mission and unlocking all bikes and tracks.

The game’s physics and graphics can be improved by using a few special codes. You can find these codes in the Options or Cheats menus. As a result of them, you will be able to unlock all types of bikes in MX Unleashed.

FAQs About MX Unleashed Cheats

Can you play MX Unleashed on Xbox one?

Yes, this game is available on the Xbox one and you can easily play this game on the Xbox one without any issue.

How do you enter cheats on MX Unleashed?

You can do it by following this options: Click on Options -> Cheats. I also cover the complete process to do it check that out.

What is the cheat code for MX Unleashed?

There are some cheats like BIGDOGS, WRECKINGBALL, BUSTBIG, ECONATION, STUPERCROSS, etc to get some best rewards.

How do you clutch in MX Unleashed?

To do clutch you have to hold Throttle + Clutch and forward and release the clutch to use it features.


Hope you enjoy the MX Unleashed Cheats list that helps you progress quickly and compete with your friends. With the newest MX series installment, off-road racers have more freedom than they have ever experienced before.

In order to Feature treacherous terrain, mini-games, and machine races, the free world mode is an off-road playground.

Get your hands on over 40 tracks in 14 different leagues and compete against the best champions in the world. Our cheats will help you in each part of the game.

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