Download FlipaClip PC App (Windows 10 Computer)

Do you want to use FlipaClip For PC? Then here you can download, install and use this free cartoon animation app on your windows and mac computers.

FlipaClip is a Cartoon animation app. Kids can use that to create a frame. This app helps us with tutorial videos that users can easily access the FlipaClip cartoon animation.

App NameFlipaClip
Size 68 MB
DeveloperVisual Blasters LLC
OSAndroid, iOS, Windows

That exposes users to the options available and takes them through the app’s use. The home page offers two beginning projects that may be used as models to learn and practice frame-by-frame animation fundamentals. 

Kids may add audio, music, and photos to the frames and utilize digital sketching tools to create animated pieces. 

You may also modify your masterpieces layer by layer. To add details and split items, you may build up to ten different layers. 

FlipaClip also has a handy animation timeline that allows you to generate movement at a 24p frame rate. 

The animated image can then be dubbed. There are six audio lines in which you may insert music, sound effects, soundscapes, and even record your voice on the fly.

You may create surprising effects by adding images and movies. A photo or video of the ocean and create a floating ship that you can animate to fit in the movie. Because the program supports PNG, you may add transparent objects.

The app promotes social media sharing and participation in the online community, and it provides direct access to its profile on major platforms.

Cartoon Animation also allows users to engage in animation contests with a variety of rewards for the winners. 

Unless you pay an in-app purchase, children will see full-screen and banner ads throughout the experience. 

Read the developer’s privacy policy for further information collected, used, and shared, as well as any options.

You may have an issue, and keep in mind that privacy policies and terms of service change often.

So this was the little description about this FlipaClip app and now let’s discuss how we can use it on our Macs and windows.

FlipaClip PC App FAQs

Before you start the installation of this free cartoon animation app on your pc here are some FAQs on this app.

Can you use FlipaClip on PC?

Yes, you can use this app on your pc with the help of android emulators like bluestacks and ldplayer.

Is FlipaClip Cartoon Animation Free?

Yes, this app is available for free and you can use it without paying any fees. But there is a paid version also available.

Is FlipaClip a good animation app?

I would say this app is perfect for beginners as well as intermediates and it’s available for free so yes this is a good app.

How to Download FlipaClip on Windows PC?

First, download the bluestacks on your pc and then install this free cartoon animation app on the emulator. You can follow the below guide for more details.

Now let’s get started with the step by step installation of the FlipaClip app:

Download FlipaClip For PC (Windows)

This free cartoon animation app is compatible with the bluestacks android emulator so it will work fine in the android emulator.

So let’s begin with the complete installation process of this FlipaClip app on our windows pc.

  • First, we need an android emulator on our pc to download, install and use this free cartoon animation app.
Search FlipaClip on PC
  • Download the android emulator from the official website, install it on pc and open it.
Install Animation App
  • There is one option of play store, click on that, search for the FlipaClip app on the search bar.
Open Animation App
  • Now select the app, click on the install and it will automatically install the FlipaClip app on your pc emulator.
Start FlipaClip App on Windows Computer
  • Once this free cartoon animation app is installed you can see the screen look like the image above and after opening it should look like the image below.
FlipaClip PC App Image

So this is how we can install a FlipaClip app on pc. And now as you can see you can use this free cartoon animation app on your mac or windows.

Now you can create your own animation with the help of this free cartoon animation app on your pc so what are you waiting for.

How To Install FlipaClip App on Mac PC?

For mac users, it might be difficult to install the FlipaClip app because of macOS closed environment.

Here the installation of this FlipaClip app on mac is also the same as the windows one. Follow the below steps:

  • Go to Bluestacks official website and download this android emulator for your mac to run this free cartoon animation app.
  • Install the emulator, open it, sign in with the google account and open the play store app.
  • Now search the FlipaClip app on the pc emulator’s play store search bar and install the app.

And done! Now you can use this free cartoon animation app on your mac as well. But make sure you download the latest FlipaClip version.

So now you are able to use this free cartoon animation app on your mac laptop and create some awesome cartoon animation videos.

App Features

It is a fantastic app that helps create animations that you wish ad it is handy to us. Here you can see the advantages of FlipaClip:

  • This software contains a plethora of powerful tools that can assist you in creating a stunning painting of your ideas.
  • This software is offered for free; you will not be charged for it. In this software, you may use various framing animations.
  • There is a great function called Onion layering and skinning that is useful in a variety of ways. It can show you all of the layers before and after you alter them.
  • You may also learn about fantastic tools like pencils, brushes, erasers, and much more.
  • It is a platform-independent software so that you may use it on any operating system, including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.
  • This software provides a variety of gorgeous colors; you may choose the hue of your choosing.
  • That is why the FlipaClip animations are so beautiful. You may also make an animation video by sketching graphics and doing other things.
  • Following that, you may save the animated movies as MP4 or GIF files.
  • You can also find the professional frame manager tool here, which will assist you in managing all of the frames.
  • Animation Timeline will let you manage and track the drawings and animations you’ve made. It is a beneficial feature as well.

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As we have seen the installation process of FlipaClip on PC is very simple and you can easily do it on your mac and windows computers.

So be creative use this free cartoon animation app on your pc create some stunning animation videos and post them on social media.

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