Family Island Cheats 2022 [Tips And Tricks]

Free Energy, Rubies, Expend Territories, and Unlock Premium Resources by using our Family Island Cheats, Tips, and Tricks.

Family Island is a modern farming game that immerses you deep into the challenging world. You must complete the quests that the characters have on the left-hand side of the screen.

Upon completing them, you are rewarded with stars and experience that will increase your level in the game, energy, and rubies. You can also apply our cheats and tips to unlock more rubies and energies.

As the game progresses, you unlock new buildings and decorations you can purchase in the market. And you also don’t have to use any cheats in the Family Island game to do it.

Depending on the building, the family may have access to different facilities. For instance, a campfire can be used to cook meals. They can then be served at dinner.

The makers of the famous Toy Defense series, Melsoft Games, have created a visually pleasing new game for Android. Now we’re heading to the exotic world of tropical islands for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

As its name implies, this game is about creating a bustling economy out of an abandoned settlement. The most convenient way to do all this is with Family Island cheats.

Whatever the case, Family Island has something else to offer besides the expected. There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns in the game! The engaging story will connect you to Bruce, Eva, and their children.

The result will be that you will feel obligated to help them. With our Family Island cheats, hacks, and hints, you will learn how to play the game in every way.

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Family Island Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
sGIJ8IIt will help to increase the speed
7trBuFIt will help to unlock the territory
M7alSiIt will help to get unlimited energy
v1tdhwIt will help to find a secret place
FUdGDbIt will help to get a voucher pass
oMmCqiIt will help to get rubies
kG70LcIt will help to get free shop
Vf078sIt will help to find new locations
anRgHUIt will help to play multiplayer
9zA6NlIt will help to get a great gift code pack
vRZWybIt will help to get the supply box
LqzGnDIt will help to get an elite ticket
z8k48XIt will help to get gold coins
LSmRKIIt will help to get legendary gear

Family Island Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

In the Family Island game, you must complete the characters’ responsibilities. You gain precious goodies as you spend them, such as stars, experience, energy, rubies, etc.

In the market, you will be able to purchase additional buildings and decorations as you progress through the game. Families can benefit from each structure; for example, the campfire can be used to prepare recipes. All of these can be obtained with Family Island cheats.

Access to a nearby island

Upon reaching level 8, the Nearby Island becomes available. In order To complete the task, the second hut must be rebuilt, and a fire must be started.

A level 10 unlockable island is Serendipity Island. Lastly, build a bridge connecting the island’s left side with the right side. Once you reach level 12, you will be able to access Sun Island.

Transportation of statue

The statue should be transported to the home island and installed there. It is possible to access Lilac Island at level 14 with Family Island cheats.

In addition, replace all the blossoming trees on the home island with a magnolia from the decorations. It is possible to access Bouncy Island at the level. Recovering the statue and returning it to the country is the last mission.

Access to a different island

It becomes possible to access Red Island at level 20. It is possible to access Forest Island at level 23. The Lost Island is at level 23.

It is time to return to the pyramid for the last mission. The Island of Trees has reached level 31. Getting the fountain and returning it to the island is the final assignment.

As soon as you reach level 33, Storm Island is available and for that, no need to use it with Family Island cheats. Getting the totem and returning it to the home island is the last task. Your home island on Mysterious Island has a level 35 where you can build the pyramid.

The lever on Invention Island can be found by demolishing the ancient cottage at level 43. You will be able to return to your home island once you reach level 45 and collect iron ore, and reach level 45.

FAQs About Family Island Cheats

How do you get free keys on Family Island?

There are a few ways you can get free keys in this game. Like you can complete a full chain of orders from the merchant. Here I cover all of them check it out for more details.

Are Cheats available for Family Island game?

Yep, there are some cheat codes available for this game but these codes will work only on a few devices. You can give it a try and check it out by yourself.

How to get more energy in Family Island game?

To get more energy you have to cook more food and feed it to your family members. Once they eat it you will get more energy in the game.

How to enter cheats in Family Island?

There is no proper way to do it. But you can add the codes as cheats in this game to make it work.


By applying our Family Island Cheats and tips you can earn more rewards that help you buy a wide variety of décor and accessories. There are a lot of exciting things to see on Family Island, from flowers to lighthouses.

In addition to increasing morale, you could earn energy points by dispersing them around the village. Those are all the Family Island cheats we have for you. It is our hope that these cheats, tips, and advice have been helpful to you.

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