Dude Theft Wars Cheats [Unlimited Money Codes]

Searching Dude Theft Wars Cheats? Here I can share a list of free cheat codes that help you unlimited new items, resources, and much more to progress quickly.

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world action game that comes up with ragdoll physics to help you enjoy the best sandbox simulator experience on your small screen device.

With an offline story mode, you don’t have to worry about connecting your phone with an internet connection and just open the game to start playing.

Invite your friends and family members to go on a gun rampage together with the multiplayer mode.

All the controls like firing, scope, swapping between available weapons, and moving around the map are available at your fingertips.

Given the fact that games can be difficult for beginners, developers added the option of cheats code and it is also available in Dude Theft Wars.

The game features various multiplayer modes including team deathmatch and a free for all mode. Send emotes to express your feelings in style.

Many maps inspired by real-life locations are available that you can choose for multiplayer mode. Each map is providing you with a different experience in terms of both visuals and gameplay physics.

As your play more and progress through the game, unlock better characters and weapons to easily kill enemies.

You can use the guide and cheats codes given below to get unlimited money in the Dude Theft Wars game. Transform your character into a giant or make all the nearby cars go kaboom with cheat codes.

Fly a plane or drive a car to get to any part of the city quickly. Enjoy the scenic view by riding a bike or make a celebrity-like entry by jumping from a helicopter.

The best thing about driving a car is that when you hit someone, they will go flying into the air. As you go on a killing spree in your ride, police will be in your pursuit and you have to get rid of them by driving fast and furious.

As the star level goes up, police will try to use harder means to stop you which makes the game difficult yet enjoyable. Commit any crime and police will be waiting for you at the next corner.

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Dude Theft Wars Cheats List

Now check out these cheats codes which will help you to get unlimited money in this Dude Theft Wars game.

Cheats Codes How to Help You
Moongravity It will help to fly like gravity
Antdude It will help your character size smaller like Ant
Dudekong It will help to explode cars near you
Suppahotslap It will help to fire your hands and you can kill people you want to kill
Day It will help to change Day at any time
Crowd 99 It will help crowd near you
Evening It will help change the evening at any time
Night It will help change the night at any time
Nosforever It will help to increase your car speed
Heytaxi It will help you bring a taxi closer to you
Giantdudes It will help your character size big like a giant
Dudebolt Update Soon
Popoplz Update Soon

How to use Cheats Codes in Dude Theft Wars?

Using cheat codes in Dude Theft Wars is easier done than said but here is a step-by-step guide for beginners who are having a difficult time using these.

  • Open the game and click on the “Phone” icon from the interface
  • Scroll the screen and you will see an app named “Cheats.exe”
  • Click on the app and enter cheat codes on the screen and hit enter to see the magic

If you are sick of using a cheat code for too long, you can also deactivate it by entering it again in the “Cheats.exe” app.

FAQs About Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Here I share some frequently asked questions on Dude Theft Wars Cheats and unlimited money. Check it out for more details.

What is the genre of the Dude Theft Wars game?

Dude Theft Wars is a Role-playing game set in an open world. And it is available for free to play on your laptop or pc.

Who developed Dude Theft Wars?

Poxel studios company developed the game Dude Theft Wars and made it available to play.

Are cheats codes for Dude Theft Wars available?

Yes, cheat codes for Dude Theft Wars are available and you can find most of them here on this website.

Where to download the Dude Theft Wars game from?

The Dude Theft Game is available on Google Play Store. And you can download it directly from there for free.

On which can you enjoy Dude Theft Wars?

You can download and enjoy Dude Theft Wars on your android devices.


This is everything that you need to know about Dude Theft Wars Cheats codes. It is time to try your luck by entering the cheat codes given above to get your hands on free items.

These items will make the gameplay and you don’t have to worry hard about them again in the game. And yes you can get unlimited money in this game now.

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