Age Of Mythology Cheats [Extended Edition]

Here is the updated list of Age of Mythology Cheats that help you get God Powers and other in-game resources and items to progress quickly.

Age of Mythology is a single-player and multiplayer strategy game that was released in 2002. You can use the age of mythology cheats and promo codes to get your hands on high levels items.

Compared to previous titles, the age of mythology focuses on Norse, Greek, and Egyptian cultures only. You will travel through lands of all three civilizations in a quest to find cyclops before he releases the titan called Kronos.

During your journey, you will build your town, gather resources, and train your army to defeat enemies and conquer their towns.

As you build new houses and other buildings in the town, the population of your town increases, which means you can recruit more personnel to the army.

Compared to other buildings, the town center is the most important building as it provides the most population slots along with other benefits.

Age of mythology cheats lets you bypass the process of manually searching for items on the game map and receiving them when you hit enter after entering a cheat.

There are a total of four pages, and you can upgrade through them as you progress in the game. Each new age will unlock great damage dealing army units and new technologies.

You need resources to manage your town, build new buildings, train the army, and do research to unlock new technologies.

The resource gathering speed is very low at the start, but it increases as you unlock new technologies with research.

Just like in real-life, each civilization is good at something and bad at others. To better up your relationship with the residents of your town, gain their favor by building temples and monuments.

It is a multiplayer game that you enjoy by connecting your computer with Ensemble Studios Online or with nearby computers through a LAN connection.

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Age Of Mythology Cheats

There are seven multiplayer modes, including supremacy, conquest, deathmatch, lightning, nomad, sudden death, etc.

The main storyline campaign of the age of mythology is pretty long and features thirty-two different scenarios.

Cheats CodesHow To Help You
JUNK FOOD NIGHTIt will help to get 1000 Food
ATM OF EREBUSIt will help to get 1000 Gold
UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBTIt will help to get Hide Map
L33T SUPA H4X0RIt will help to base build faster
BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKIt will help to get 5000 life points with Superdog
TINES OF POWERIt will help to get Frekboy
ISIS HEAR MY PLEAIt will help to get heroes from the campaign
MOUNT OLYMPUSIt will help to get Full Favor
IN DARKEST NIGHTIt will help to change the night at any time
TITANOMACHYIt will help to update Titan
SET ASCENDANTIt will help to show an animal on a map
CONSIDER THE INTERNETIt will help to slow down units
RESET BUTTONIt will help to show unbuild buildings on the map
PANDORAS BOXIt will help to get Random God Power
DIVINE INTERVENTIONIt will help to use previous God Power
WRATH OF THE GODSIt will help to get Tornado God Power
GOATUNHEIMIt will help to show all the turns on God Power on the map
ENGINEERED GRAINIt will help to get food from animals
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALEIt will help to get 1000 Woods
LAY OF THE LANDIt will help to show the map
THRILL OF VICTORYIt will help to win all matches
ATLANTIS REBORNIt will help to find heros
WUV WOOIt will help flying hippos
O CANADAIt will help to get lazer bear
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!It will help to get Monkeys galore
MR.MONDAYIt will help to get AI Handicap
RED TIDEIt will help to change the watercolor to Red
TINFOIL HATIt will help to Randomizes the ownership of every unit on the map
CHANNEL SURFINGIt will help to Skip to the next scenario in the campaign
LETS GO! NOW!It will help to play game fast
ZENOS PARADOXIt will help to Grants Random God Power
BAWK BAWK BOOMIt will help to get a chicken mentor god power
FEAR THE FORAGEIt will help to berry bushes god’s power
GODS CLASHIt will help to get Grants Osiris god power

How to use Cheats in Age Of Mythology?

There is no separate menu for the age of mythology cheats, so you don’t need to remember any combination of keyboard keys.

When you want to activate a cheat, simply open the game and start playing the game. Press “Enter” from the keyboard and enter the cheat afterward. Make sure to enter the complete cheat as given on this website to make it work.

Don’t worry if you have entered the wrong code, as you can close the menu by pressing “Enter” and open it again to start a new session.

Don’t combine two cheats, and try to close the menu after activating one cheat to make things easy for you.

Beware of using the age of mythology cheats, as you can’t deactivate them once you activate them.

Pro players suggest that you should first finish the whole game without using any cheats to unlock achievements as cheats disable achievements.

FAQs About Age Of Mythology Cheats

How many Age of Mythology are there?

In this game, you can advance your tribe through 4 ages which are Archaic, Classical, Heroic, and Mythic.

What are Cheats in Age of Mythology?

There are many cheat codes available in this game and you can use them according to your wants. Here in this article I cover the complete list so do check it out.

Will there ever be an Age of Mythology 2?

Sadly as of now, there is no news that the Age of Mythology 2 game will come out and not even a remake.

Are Cheats in Age of Mythology game free?

Yes, you can use all the cheat codes for free. All you need to do is follow the process to enter cheat codes in the game.


Age of Mythology cheats isn’t like promo codes that you can simply copy from social media pages of developers and popular players, and you have to search for them on the internet.

This search can be tiresome, especially if you are looking for a specific cheat. To avoid grinding for a cheat or a promo code in the future, bookmark this page as it features an updated list of the age of mythology cheats.

These Age of mythology cheats and promo codes are also updated from time to time whenever a code expires, or a new code is released.

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